JD now has a Skripteez account, located here, and has uploaded all of Chronic Boom Season 1 to said Skripteez account.


“There’s more, you say?”


“Tell us about it!”

He has also uploaded his feature-length screenplay, Carry On, to Skripteez. Please feel free to head over and check out his biggest, most ambitious screenplay he’s ever written to date.

Here’s the rundown on Carry On:

A teenage Aspie must win a contest to appear on the latest hit reality show and impress the girl he likes.

Raising a child on the Autism Spectrum is difficult, but growing up as an Aspie can be overwhelming. Nobody knows that better than Jude Dunn (JD).

Whether fighting high school bullies, getting the girl, or simply winning a spot on a new hit reality show, JD wrestles with what it means to be an Aspie. Through the support of his friend, Amy, and his band, The Nitro Pumpkins, JD begins a journey through 12th grade that will impact the lives of everyone he meets. For some there will be a happy ending; for others, not so much. Will Amy ever know how JD feels about her? Will JD clinch his rise to fame? The scars of the past will bleed as JD battles his greatest foe: himself.

Please note: JD only wishes this were a bio-flick of his life. These events have NEVER happened to him, though they were inspired by real life events that have.

We here at CGE Studios wish the real JD luck in finding a buyer for his screenplay on Skripteez. CGE Studios encourages our audience members to take a look at Carry On, and, as always, it is free to download the screenplay and read it.

Be sure to tell us how you liked JD’s screenplay. More new CGE Studios material forthcoming.

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