Chronic Boom


In an alternate dimension called the Cosmos, a small planet called Roma has become ground zero for a deadly war between Demons – immortal creatures hellbent on destroying humanity – and Shamans – mortals who have mastered their spiritual energies and supernatural abilities. Humanity’s last hope lies with a Demonic Hybrid, the son of the Demon who started this war and the mortal leading the resistance. His name is Zanom Danvers, and he still has much to learn before he can fulfill his destiny and bring world peace to his people.

From CGE Studios Founding President, JD Dorfman, comes an exciting mystical adventure full of suspense, action, intrigue… and popular alien show tunes? Yes, Chronic Boom even has popular alien show tunes! But it’s mostly an exciting mystical adventure full of suspense, action, and intrigue.

Taking its cues from standard screenwriting conventions and JD Dorfman’s favorite graphic novels, Chronic Boom blends the two into a new, unique format that only JD can pull off. We call it the Graphic Screenplay, and it’s only found through CGE Studios!

Experience the world’s first Graphic Screenplay in your library today!



Volume 1: Yinaku

Volume 2: The World Belt Tournament

Volume 3: The Crystal Dragons

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