Chronic Boom: Volume 1 Now Available!

Guten-ze-hola, everybody! JD, here, with another FANTASTIC announcement!

I have created what I call “the world’s first Graphic Screenplay!” It’s not quite a graphic novel, and it’s not quite a straight-up screenplay, but it’s inspired by the best qualities of both formats.

I just wanted to let you all know that CGE Studios has compiled all the chapters of Chronic Boom: Volume 1 into a Graphic Screenplay, and it is now available to own on your Kindle library through Amazon. When I say all the chapters, I mean ALL the chapters. That even includes the chapters I haven’t yet released individually on yet! Best of all, I’m working on creating more volumes. Chronic Boom will be a Graphic Screenplay series. How exciting!

For more details, head on over to our new “Chronic Boom” page on the website and check it out. Heck, maybe you’ll even buy a digital copy… right?

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