Character Bios

Gozu and Mezu:

NT - Chapter 4-16

(Mezu, left; Gozu, right)

Gozu and Mezu are Zannojas, the original disciples of Godor. In the absence of the Kamis, they have taken to guarding the Diamonten Temple and protecting Vayelan, the Wise. Gozu and Mezu are also responsible for Zanom’s and Ken’s training under Vayelan, the Wise.

Halo Miller: 

NT - Chapter 11

Halo is less gritty and serious than his partner, Ken Luna. That said, he knows how to get down to business when it counts. He and Ken are shamans for hire on Blue Gate Space Station. Since there is not much business to be had there, his and Ken’s financial situation is poor when Zanom Danvers and Kari Starborne hire them for help against Yinaku.

Jaina  Riggs:

Jaina Riggs

Jaina was created by Super Yinaku to help him kill Zanom and his friends. However, Jaina’s seditious attitude nearly got herself killed when Super Yinaku discovered her betrayal. She is now Kami of Yugoku.

Kari Starborne: 

 Young KariKari Starborne

(Left, Young Kari; Right, Future Kari)

Kari has a lax personality, but she is a serious ally and a powerful shaman on the battlefield. She is nearly inseparable from her lover, saving his life on multiple occasions. She knows Zanom loves her deeply, even if he can’t admit it  to himself.

Kenjimura “Ken”  Luna:

Ken Luna

Ken isn’t from Roma, but that hasn’t stopped him from joining the battle against Yinaku. He has his initial reservations about Zanom Danvers, though he comes to see Zanom for who he is and looks out for those he cares about the most.


NT - Chapter 2

Super Yinaku created Masa using the power of the Kami pearls in order to create a distraction against Zanom Danvers and Kari Starborne, who’d chased him back in time. Masa shares Super Yinaku’s power and diabolical nature, though he seems to lack Super Yinaku’s finer cunning and intellect.

Sora Danvers: 

Sora Danvers

Sora used to be an intelligent young adult fresh from Kigoku University in Sinai with a B.S. in Advanced Theoretical Physics. After Yinaku’s demonic invasion of Roma, Sora became an intelligent adult with a B.S. in Advanced Theoretical Physics, hardened by her experiences in post-apocalyptic life. Since heeding the calls to action, Sora became a valuable resource to the shamans, armed with her degree and research in Quantum Cosmology. She now leads the “Roman Resistance” in their fight to “reclaim their planet from the demons of Jigoku.”

Vayelan Domba 

Alias: Vayelan, the Wise

Vayelan Domba

Vayelan was the fifth generation Kami of Yugoku. He was selected over Yinaku, which is why Yinaku went on a rampage to begin with. Vayelan was responsible for sealing Yinaku away. His advice is very sage, but even he can make mistakes at times – a concept about his past he’s alluded to many times. After the sixth generation Kamis sacrificed themselves, Vayelan came to the Diamonten Temple to live and meditate.


NT - Chapter 1-22

Yinaku had been imprisoned inside a seal on a tree by the ancient Kamis long ago. In one timeline, a lightning bolt burned the tree down, freeing him from his imprisonment. He subsequently sought out the Kami pearls to bolster his power. Zanom and Kari Starborne followed him into the past to stop him. Yinaku absorbed his alternate self and becomes Super Yinaku.

Super Yinaku:

Alias: Auron Naguna

When his plan starts to fail, Super Yinaku disguises himself as a mortal named Auron Naguna and begins to court Sora Danvers for his own amusement, unaware of who she is.

Yume Starborne:

Yume Starborne

Kari’s deceased sister and Zanom’s former lover, she died trying to rescue Kari and calm Zanom from his state of Ikarin. Zanom and Kari forged their relationship through grieving their loss together.

Zanom Danvers: 

Zanom Danvers

Zanom is a brooding loner, perhaps symptomatic of growing up in a society overrun by rampaging demons, threatening to destroy his homeworld. Being a demonic hybrid, Zanom felt responsible for the waves of death and destruction one side of his heritage had levied against the other. His preferred method of coping is to hold it all inside and never let anyone else know what he feels.