“Kilroy AIgents” Launches

JD here!

I’ve recently updated the appearance of the site. That’s not what I’m here to discuss with you today, but I felt it would be nice to mention that.

What I am here to discuss with you today is the launch of a CGE Studios original webcomic, Kilroy AIgents. CGE is so excited to bring you this webcomic, that instead of making you guys wait for 10 pages all upfront in one single chapter per month, we decided to jump the gun and start releasing one single page once per week starting NOW. Once the webcomic gets rolling, we’ll try to release pages more often. For now, we feel this is a good way to get our feet wet before jumping in all the way. Testing the waters, so to speak.

We hope you enjoy Kilroy AIgents as much as we do.

Kilroy AIgents

Roswell, 1947: A spacecraft from another world crashes into Earth. The cargo was seized by the U.S. Government and stored in Area 51, Nevada.

At the end of the 22nd Century, a rag-tag group of Terraquean Alliance Galactic Corps (TAGC) soldiers stumbles upon a governmental conspiracy that threatens to wipe out all democracy on Earth as we know it. Worse yet, the conspiracy is linked to the Roswell incident and Area 51.

Using stolen experimental Core AI Units, they must work together with “terrorists” and Pangean Colony mercenaries to bring the conspirators to justice and save the galaxy. Too bad none of them like each other.

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