Older Videos

These are videos from before the CGE Studios website was created. Enjoy!


This was JD’s final project for video editing class in high school back in 2007. Digital media has come so far since then. He can’t wait to see what the next 7 years hold for digital media. To this day, he still considers this video one of his finer pieces to show off his skills.


When lonely college freshman, Jack, randomly meets beautiful classmate, Kris, he must sort out his love life in order to get the girl of his dreams.


Entertainment U pays a special visit to the School of Rock in Philly in order to learn more about how the lack of art and music in schools has impacted the youth enrolled in School of Rock.

Disclaimer: This was a student video shot and edited by Crazy Good Entertainment. Entertainment U was the name of the student blog the video was made for. Crazy Good Entertainment is now CGE Studios.


CGE Studios provides a special look at the 2012 Haverford Music Festival. Sit back, relax, and enjoy some good, local music!

Disclaimer: CGE Studios shot and edited this video for the Haverford Township Civic Council to promote their annual Haverford Music Festival, back in 2012. They ultimately decided not to use the video, but we thought it still deserved an audience after all this time.

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