The Strongest in the Galaxy Is…

…You’ll have to read this week’s Chronic Boom post to find out!

JD here!

Thank you all so much for following Chronic Boom this far! This week, Zanom got a little beat up, but I don’t think he’ll complain too much about that at the moment. After all, he’s got bigger dragon-sized fish to fry. Then, there’s the matter of facing the consequences of transforming into Ikarin in front of a crowded arena.

Ladies and gentlemen, this week concludes the World Belt Tournament of Baldur Saga as we transition into the Crystal Dragon Saga for the rest of Volume 2. Still to come: Sora gives birth to the present timeline’s Zanom, the future timeline’s Zanom deals with tabloid propaganda, and Vayelan, the Wise drops a major bombshell on the Danvers family.

Also, I’m still working on the Secret Project, but I’m hoping to have something more concrete to show you all by the end of November, so stay tuned for the big announcement!

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