The Wait Is Over! Chronic Boom Volume 3 Has Arrived!

JD, here, Crazy Guys and Dolls!

I know I’m a little later than I wanted to be with this announcement, and I have the poorest of excuses (life got in the way), so once you’re all done hating me for it, you can all love me for this:


Yes, that’s right, guys! Volume 3 is here, and boy, are we hitting the ground running! Zanom and the Kamis are FINALLY taking on Onyx and the Crystal Dragons… wait for it… starting THIS VOLUME!

Big changes are coming to the Cosmos, so don’t miss this 11-Chapter event!

What kind of changes? Well, that’s the show. And I’m sure you all are just dying to know.

Here’s how this Volume’s going to work:

Chapter 23: Today!

Chapter 24: October 27

Chapter 25: November 10

Chapter 26: December 1

Chapter 27: December 15

Chapters 28 through 33 will arrive in the new year, hopefully on a weekly schedule. No promises on that!

What are you waiting for? Tell all your friends! Start reading!

And of course, thank you for stopping by!

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